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Assessments of behavioural, emotional or developmental difficulties usually involve the following steps:

1) For children, a first appointment of 1 ½ hours helps to get an understanding of what the child and families needs are. Parents and children are usually seen together, but are sometimes seen for part of the assessment by themselves.

For adults, 1 hour is usually enough time to get an understanding of a persons main concerns and their needs and goals.
2) At the end of the session I will talk about what I have learned and discuss options for going forward.  This may include types of therapy and number of sessions.  Sometimes more assessment, such as psychometric testing or psychiatric consultation, is recommended.

Examples of assessments include

  • Assessment of experiences such as anger, depression, anxiety, loss, grief, traumatic and various behavioural and emotional difficulties in both children and adults.
  • Diagnostic Assessment of
    • Autism spectrum disorder for people of all ages
    • Learning difficulties contributing emotional and behavioural issues
    • Intellectual disability
  • Supporting people with Autism/ Asperger’s in the workplace or education settings
  • Neuropsychological Assessment of learning and development difficulties

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