Solution Focused Psychology NZ


It can be scary talking about your private life with someone you don’t know. Clinical Psychologists provide a confidential service and will always talk to you about that this means when we first meet.  A good psychologist will let you talk at a pace that is comfortable for you and regularly check in with you so that you can get the most out therapy.

Annetta is able to offer a range of other therapeutic options including solution focused brief therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), behavioural therapy, mindfulness and dialectical behaviour therapy.  Annetta largely works from a strengths based approach. This focuses on solutions rather than problems and assumes that people are generally resourceful and resilient when faced with difficult situations.  It is client-led and focuses on uncovering the strengths people bring to a problem or crisis and helps them to use these to manage current difficulties.

The number of sessions people need depends on a number of factors.  Annetta will discuss with you your goals alongside an estimated number of sessions required and a process for reviewing progress.  It is difficult to be specific about time frames for treatment, particularly for people with cognitive difficulties who often require more time and different ways of presenting information, to support understanding.

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