Solution Focused Psychology NZ

Training and Support Services

Agencies, Organisations & The Court

The Courts and Legal Issues

Examples of services offered

  • Expert witness evidence where there is an autism (ASD) or other neurodevelopmental/ intellectual disability (ID)
  • Diagnostic assessment of ASD and other neurological issues that impact on learning, emotion and behaviour of people before the court
  • Support to plan for parole hearing and post release plans where a person has an ASD or other neurodevelopmental disorder
  • Support to vulnerable witnesses and the courts
  • Capacity to consent and PPPR assessments

Agencies & Organisations

Examples of services offered

  • High and complex needs assessment and intervention
  • Debriefing of critical and serious incidents for service users, carer support and management teams.
  • Consultation and advice to service providers on a range of issues
  • Investigations
    • Annetta is experienced at interviewing service users who have made allegations towards others and/or are suspected of being victims of abuse.
  • Service reviews
    • Assessments of services struggling to support a person who has challenging behaviour.
    • Annetta is experienced in assessing for signs of abusive or risky staff and or organisational practices
  • Service design and development
    • Able to provide advice on designing and developing service options for people with complex behaviour.
  • Training and support to reduce risk of assaults on staff & improve staff understanding & engagement with service users
    • Annetta has a range of training and support packages designed to be easily understood and implemented by support workers and their managers in residential and independent supported living services.
    • Trainings can be matched up to and/or developed for your organisations particular needs.  Annetta will talk to you about what training would be suit your needs.
      • Examples of trainings available
        • Why Does Behaviour get out of Hand?
        • Understanding the Brain and Behaviour in People with Complex Needs
        • Understanding Intellectual Disability and Support Strategies
        • Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder in People with an Intellectual Disability
        • The Road to Recovery: Supporting Children With Intellectual and Developmental Disability Who Have Experienced Trauma
  • Risk Assessment
    • Including assessment of risk associated with risk taking behaviours, criminal offending and or sexually inappropriate behaviour

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